Our Dedicated Staff

Angie Garbaczewski

Executive Director

Angie Garbaczewski is the Executive Director for LaGrange Pointe. With more than 10 years of experience in senior care, Angie brings expertise and passion for managing LaGrange Pointe. Angie is a Certified Activity Director and truly enjoys working with the senior community. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Angie is familiar with all of the wonderful things this area has to offer. She is responsible for the overall operations, sales, and marketing and works with LaGrange and the surrounding communities to promote LaGrange Pointe as a premier local business.

Maria Haraus

Activity Director

Maria Haraus is the Activities Director for LaGrange Pointe. In her role, Maria researches, plans and oversees the execution of all events and activities for our senior residents. As the director of LaGrange Pointe’s resident concierge service, she manages a team of activity representatives and serves as the primary contact for residents interested in making travel plans, dinner reservations or planning other recreational activities. Maria loves working with the residents at LaGrange Pointe and strives to make every residents’ experience enjoyable and memorable.

Fred Campbell

Bus Driver

Fred Campbell is the bus driver for LaGrange Pointe. He is responsible for the safe transportation of LaGrange Pointe residents and staff to and from all planned events.
He also oversees and handles maintenance of all LaGrange Pointe vehicles, and ensures that all vehicles pass Illinois state safety checks and all D.O.T. regulations are current and up-to-date. Fred comes to LaGrange Pointe with over 30 years of transportation experience and with a record of more than two million miles of accident-free driving.

Michael Stein


Michael Stein is the proud owner of LaGrange Pointe. He knows that LaGrange Pointe is a unique community, and does everything possible to enhance our reputation. Cultivating the wonderful sense of friendship that our building enjoys is the first goal, and the activities and dining programs are designed with that in mind. Keeping the building in fabulous condition is an equally high priority. Michael visits regularly and enjoys meeting (and thanking!) our residents.

LaGrange Pointe 51 E Cossitt Ave, La Grange, IL 60525 tel (708) 354-7600